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Join Us for Christock at the "Perfect Timing of YHVH"

A platform for the body of Christ to present a Five Fold Glory event in one original Christian song, one original piece of Christian fine art in oil painting, sculpture, or other artistic display, one Christian business product, one Christian witness / testimony and one Christian bilingual spokes person, speaking english, and the native tongue of the represented country.  Each individual will represent their country to show the world God’s Glory does not discriminate and is no respecter of persons.  From noon to noon to cover 24 time zones in as many countries that will participate each year getting bigger and better until our Lord Christ Jesus returns!

Christock live

Christock live is seeking 24 Executive Producers who will sponsor one of the 24 time zones.


Come share and glorify God with us!


Father God is spelled in English as “YAHWEY” From the English Form (YHVH) Transliterated from HIS Hebrew “letters”; HIS Son is Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua Ha’Messhiach)  and HIS Holy Spirit or (Set Apart Spirit is spelled in English as “Ruach HaQodesh or Ruach Ha Kodesh”) – these are the more proper English ways to sound out the names from the Hebrew language since the Hebrew Language has no J Sound – although i believe it to be most important to follow your heart in how you relate to the Messiah and ask Him directly what He would like to be called; a friend of The Messiah should know Him personally!…

Kindly Note: For more info on this subject i found three articles that helped me come to find that Jesus and Yeshua are the more correct English Transliteration soundings of our Messiah’s English Spelled, and therefore pronounced name, to the English Speaking Community:

Article 1:

Article 2:

Article 3:

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