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A platform for the body of Christ to present a Five Fold Glory presentation of at least one original Christian song, one original piece of Christian Fine Art in oil painting, sculpture, or other artistic display, one Christian Business product, one testimony and one bilingual spokes person, speaking English and the native tongue of the represented country. Each individual will represent their country to show the world God’s Glory does not discriminate and is no respecter of persons. From noon to noon to cover 24 time zones in as many countries that will participate each year getting bigger and better until our Lord Christ Jesus returns!


Christock: “this annual event is a tool we use to unify the church.  The history of this call to unify the church started in 1994 during one of the most magnetic events of the 20th century.  The Lord, through the Holy Spirit, made it clear that the body of Christ can bless the world and glorify His name by demonstrating the core change that occurs when we exchange our old spirit-man to take on the Spirit of Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua Ha Messiach).

The world needs to hear and see the testimony of how the members of His body of believers have been changed from the inside out so that they too will desire this same gift of a new Spirit that God has for all who will receive His only begotten Son.  Christock is a display of the beauty that God has created in a five fold feature presentation to glorify Himself on the world stage.  Receive the remedy that Father God Almighty planned from the beginning by His grace that showed up on earth through Jesus Christ; only He can remove the sin nature caused by Adam so that you too can become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus to forever commune with Him!…  He is coming soon to gather a unified body of believers; the one body we call the “true church”.  It’s time to “turn up the heat” for those  that might be considered “lukewarm Christians”, or people of religion who consider themselves Christians simply because they sit each week without surrender. This event will demonstrate our talents to draw the world in and create more new believers that are not ashamed to show off and glorify Him with what He has already given them!”


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The Vision of Christock; to communicate in five types of expression from members within the body of Christ, representing their country, Original Christian Song, Original Christian Fine Art, Original Business products from proclaimed Christian business’, a brother in Christ (briC) or sister in Christ’s Testimony and a Bilingual Spokesperson speaking English and the native language from the represented country to interpret when needed.   We display the Glory of God from one location within a Stadium or family camping capable farm / field environment; shining light on His Body with a 24 hour event; each Year from Noon to Noon, getting bigger and better until Christ returns!

All throughout the year we are producing the music, copying the Fine Art, displaying and offering the unique business products while creating a Christock collection to demonstrate God’s creation has not and will not cease to increase until Christ returns, which will then usher in a new era in which the Body of Christ will share in ruling and reigning Nations with Christ Himself as King of all Nations.  Come partner with us as we show the world God’s love when hosting a Five Fold Glory event of God’s talent within the body of Christ to evangelize those out of the darkness and into the light of Christ!… Christ said “It is finished” as He gave His last breath and gave up Himself for the Sin of Humanity; the Sin Nature that was created by Adam’s disobedience in the Garden is now reversed by the atoning blood of Christ Jesus, and as the scripture says, and much more is freely given by God’s grace through Christ Jesus alone!


The mission: To blanket the world with the Love of God through the communication of the Gospel of Grace!  Our Mission is to spread the message of God’s Love along with the blessing that is upon all who receive and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and leave their old self  “dead at the door” to Salvation!… Once and forevermore abiding in Christ!…

This is how the transformation takes place, by leaving your old self “dead at the door” and literally becoming born again into a new Spirit; the Spirit of God a.k.a. the Holy Spirit.  At this moment of sincere decision we are a new creation in our Spirit, 100% Holy; 100% the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!  All sin is paid for past, present and future!…

This is how we are “free indeed” and will then be transformed into the likeness of Christ which will fuel His love within us to permeate or manifest into our Soul ( our mind, intellect, will and emotions ) and then displayed by action of our bodies, now and forevermore, the living temple of God!

For our sake, God made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus i Corinthians v:xxi (mv)

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