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The Hand of God Red Wine Story

This is my story. After years of enjoying and studying wine i came to greatly appreciate the care and patience it takes to develop world renowned and desirable red and white wine. unfortunately I have also experienced, within my extended family, the results of indulging too much which caused years of destructive behavior effecting the function of my immediate family. So I stopped drinking, even socially, for the past few years when in the presence of my family. i also asked God what to do about me and my appreciation with fine wines and brandies.

i said to God, whom I know personally, because of and through Christ Jesus, who is my Lord and Savior! “i will leave this entire subject of fine wine, brandy, and alcohol in general, and its impact for me personally, in your hands, and i will commit to abstain, unless you arrange that i would receive it for free”. So about 7-10 days later i was walking in the Cordova Mall, located locally here in Pensacola, FL and I saw a sign that said “free wine tasting”. with my curiosity at peak level, i walked in and said i would like to taste one or two of the wines they were presenting that day. as i looked, smelled and sipped the first wine, I found it to be “top vine” or better described as “old vine” which was impeccable. i then went onto the second free offer and it was better than the first; of course my next question was ” what is the name of those two fabulous wines?” in God’s loving ways and in His humor; the name for both was “Hand of God”! i felt as if God had poured it for me personally by His Hand, and have since been telling this true story, to a few of my closest friends in the hopes that any of them would buy me a bottle of either!

enjoy the blessings!

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