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Christock 5-Fold Glory

Prophetic Art

Christock- Prophetic Painting by Ignacio- Cuba


Artist Testimony
Ignacio Perez Vasquez, born in Cuba, started out his adult life on the wrong side of the law and was steeped deep in the darkness of leading sex slavery through pimping for prostitution. As a gifted leader amongst his cohorts and underprivileged peers, Ignacio would escape into his passion of painting. As a youngster, Ignacio had the privilege of being knowing and training under Salvador Dali a very famous Spanish Italian painter.  Ignacio, during a retreat from the dark world of pimping and prostitution, found time to paint Fidel Castro talking to a field if sugar cane void of any human subjects. The underlying message he intended to send to President Castro was, if you continue to govern Cuba as you have, no people will be left in Cuba for governing.  President Fidel Castro found out about this painting and had Ignacio arrested, but not before the abuse of breaking Ignacio’s painting hand and arm to such a debilitating form, he no longer was able to paint with his right hand. Additionally Ignacio was beaten to a state of blindness and then thrown in a Cuban jailhouse.
Miraculously, Ignacio would find Jesus by way of his next-door cell mate reading the story of Job to Ignacio who would receive Jesus as His Lord and Savior!  During his salvation prayer and experience, Ignacio immediately and miraculously found his site. Finding a way of escape from Prison soon after, Ignacio located a raft in which, in haste, he attempted to navigate away from the shores of Cuba toward the Florida coast of the United States of America.  For seven days without food and water, Ignacio floated into oblivious;  once again God had a plan as He directed a team of US Navy Seals to find Ignacio in a nearly lifeless state. As was standard operating procedure, the seal team brought Ignacio back to the Guantanamo US Naval Base, Cuba a.k.a. “GITMO”. After some time, Ignacio started to paint with his good hand and was finally recognized for his talent by the Admiral of GITMO. It became evident that God was in control of  Ignacio’s destiny to enter the USA by inspiring the Admiral to write a letter to the Miami Herald displaying some of Ignacio’s talent in the fine art of painting.  Then another miracle would occur upon the receipt of an airline ticket and written request for Ignacio to arrive in Miami, Florida sponsored by the Miami Herald.

Inspired Artist

Christock- Inspired Painting by Akiane- USA

Prince of Peace

Artist Testimony
For many years a blurry image of Prince of Peace appeared to me in my dreams and visions. Only after a mysterious carpenter came knocking on our door one afternoon that I knew it was the right time to paint the story of hope.

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